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Cotton Balls - własna kompozycja kolorów

shipping time:: 3 dni

Cottonove Love


Nothing easier! Add to cart this set and now take care of pairing colors that suit you! The entire color palette is available to your imagination. You can compose a set of 20, 35, or 50 bullets. Colors write in order comment or e-mail.

Set consisting of colored balls, and the cable is designed for self-assembly. For each kit comes with installation instructions. Each cable set includes 5 pieces of replacement bulbs. Bullets can be laid along the cable in any order, and then translate according to your idea, creating a unique composition.

kit contents

bullets, lamp + 5 pieces of spare bulbs, a cable of suitable length in relation to the number of balls, assembly instructions

Number of bullets

to choose from: 20/35/50 pieces

dimensions bullets

Ø 6-7 cm.


cotton yarn

Source of light

Bulbs plug on power:

sets '20 - 12 V, 80 mA, 20 × 0.96 in

sets '35 - 7 V, 100 mA, 35 × 0.7 W

sets '50 - 5 V, 120 mA, 50 × 0.6 W


230V - 50Hz

Instock reminder

Please leave your e- mail.